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BLDC - motors

They are used wherever the life of a conventional DC motor is not sufficient, high efficiency is required, or exact control is required.

With the appropriate electronics, the rotational speed can be regulated in a simple manner or the position and direction of rotation can be queried without the need for expensive rotary encoders, encoders or resolvers.

Our BLDC motors are available as a simple and inexpensive sensor less variant as well as a high-quality Halls equipped version.

Voltage range: 1,2V - 375V 

Size: from approx. 6mm

Power range: from 1Watt

Speed range: up to 100.000rpm

Depending on the application area or performance class, it can also be supplied with integrated electronics as well as a pure rotor + stator solution.

The advantages of a BLDC drive compared to a classic DC motor are obvious. It is to be emphasized that a much higher lifetime, higher efficiency, accurate and simple positioning of the rotor, maintenance-free as well as - for the automobile industry important point - significantly lower noise radiation.

A BLDC motor is especially predestined for use in liquid pumps as well as where an explosion-proof drive is indispensable.


On request all BLDC motors are also available with gearboxes.

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