DC motors of the M series
& High End DC motors
& DC geared motors

DC - motors

Our DC motors cover a wide range of different applications. Whether industry, automotive, apparatus engineering, medical technology and other different applications.
Depending on your application and wish, we can provide you with any high-quality solutions for your application.

Voltage range: up to 600V possible (HVDC motors)

Power range: up to 10kW - As a special solution, even higher power can be achieved

Speed range: up to 25,000 RPM

Typical application: medical technology, home applications, leisure applications, automotive, and much more...


All motors also available with planetary / helical or worm gear available.

DC - motors Extracts from our portfolio

HVDC - Motoren

HVDC motors are used where either only 230V / 50Hz (110V / 60Hz) or high DC voltages are available and no additional transformer is to be used.

When using a corresponding rectifier bridge, our HVDC motors can be operated directly at these mains voltages. With pure DC voltage, this is no longer required and the motor can be operated directly.
These motors are typically used in household appliances and tools, e.g. bar mixers, coffee machines and drills.

Voltage range: 110V / 60Hz to 230V / 50Hz

Size: 36mm - 52mm

Power range: approx. 300W

Speed range: up to approx. 25.000rpm

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