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e - DYNAMICS because already TODAY  is tomorrow.

The use of energy-efficient products is exemplary today and a socially binding task for future generations. The environmental initiative of Kayser Electric GmbH is a major goal of the company.


Within the scope of the eDynamics project, appropriate measures have been adopted which are intended to promote an environmentally friendly sustainability and social responsibility over and over again. One of the most important foundations for fulfilling our established maxim is, in addition to compliance with legal environmental requirements and requirements, the supplier selection. Apart from the quality requirements of our customers, short transport routes and sustainable production processes are crucial.


Thanks to this measure, the necessary raw materials and consumables are purchased according to environmental compatibility and utilized as best as possible in their resource. In addition, previously developed motors are optimized in our new projects and are designed to maximize their energy efficiency. Likewise, our employees are regularly trained on environmental protection.

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