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Many years of experience in drive technology makes Kayser Electric GmbH a trusting partner.

Be it commercial or expert advice, with our innovations and extensive know-how in the development and realization of our drive solutions as well as our all-round service, we are an unbeatable competence in our field. 

The solution: customized drive solutions!                                                         

Thanks to the good location and our valuable team, we have expanded our activities. Our products are now used in various areas. Kayser Electric is present worldwide with 25 million drives. Our customers include many well-known companies.

Your benefits at a glance

  • products tested by a high quality standard                                                   

  • timely delivery

  • competent service (fast response to inquiries and technical requests)

  • supervised supply chain (air freight, sea freight, inland transportation)

  • supervised compliance with customs regulations

  • Insurance

  • Quality inspection

We advise you in advance, look for and develop the suitable drive solution according to your specification. The execution takes place, of course, according to national and international standards. Thanks our full automated production at the factory and our complete service - order processing, monitoring / control of the project, production, logistics, all from one source - you take advantage of our wide range.