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DC Motor Kayser Electric

Customized Drives -
Tailored to your needs.

Experience the world of 
electrical drives by Kayser Electric.

From a draft to serial production - Kayser is your expert for customized electrical motors and mechatronic systems. Perfectly tailored solutions to meet your applications requirements.

Automotive Electrical Drives Elektromotoren Kayser Electric GmbH


Discover the drive solutions and electrical motors, which are specially designed for the Automotive industry. Capable to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. With a focus on robustness and reliability, these drives enable efficient performance and contribute to the safe and smooth operation within vehicles.

Industrial Electrical Drives Industrie Elektromotoren Kayser Electric GmbH
Powertools Electrical Drives MotorPower Tools Elektromotoren Kayser Electric GmbH

Kayser Electric offers reliable and high-performance electric drives for the most demanding tasks, ranging from drills and saws to grinding machines. The drive solutions can be designed to operate on battery or on power grid, providing flexible solutions to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Medical Engineering Electrical Motors Drives Medizintechnik Elektromotoren Kayser Electric GmbH

Medical Engineering

In medical engineering, safety, precision and quality are of paramount importance. Kayser is dedicated to integrate these aspects into the drive systems to meet the strict requirements of the industry. The sophisticated drive solutions for medical devices stand out for their exceptional performance and reliability.

Konsumgüter Elektromotoren Kayser Electric GmbH

Consumer Goods

In the realm of consumer applications and goods, cost-effectiveness and reliability are essential for the success of the product. Through innovative solutions and technical advancements, Kayser contributes to a higher efficiency and customer satisfaction.

 Luft- und Raumfahrt Elektromotoren Kayser Electric GmbH

Aerospace Industry

Kayser is a leading developer of high-quality, reliable and efficient drives for the aerospace industry, including drones, satellites, aeroplanes, helicopters and more. With its expertise, Kayser enables driving excellence in aviation and space.

Kayser Electric's core values

Together, we develop powerful drive solutions.

Product Quality Kayser Motor

Quality of Service

Quality of Products

Kayser is a leading provider of high-quality products. We are using the latest production technologies and high-quality materials to ensure our products meet all expectations to enable a reliable product and customer experience.

Service Quality Kayser Electric

Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Kayser is commited to providing excellent customer service. We are always striving to consult and help our customers with their questions and concerns. Our experienced team is almost available 24/7 to help you. We guarantee a smooth development process, fast implementation, and high customer satisfaction.  

Coworking Quality Qualität der Zusammenarbeit Kayser Electric

Quality of Coworking

Quality of Coworking

Kayser values cooperative and high-quality coworking, whether with our partners, suppliers or employees. This collaboration is based on trust, respect and fairness.

We value open communication.


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Our customized motors can be
designed & certified according to UL 1446.

5 stars Kayser Electric

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