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Kayser Synchronous Motors - 
noiseless, low cost & long life.

PM Synchronous Motors by Kayser

Single Phase permanent magnet synchronous motors by Kayser offer an ideal solution for applications requiring constant speed at low rated load and high efficiency.

S Series motors are ideal for AC applications where the speed can be controlled by the frequency and number of poles. The characteristics of the drives allow easy control and precise regulation.

With a wide range of sizes, pole pairs and power levels, KS motors can be perfectly matched to the specific requirements of your application. In addition, they offer a wide range of options such as gearboxes, gearing parts, various connectors and flange dimensions. This allows Kayser to offer a wide range of applications that can be seamlessly integrated into different environments.

The KS Series is available in the following Diameters: Ø15, Ø20, Ø25, Ø35, Ø42, Ø48 & Ø60 mm.

If you are looking for a different size, please contact us. A customization is always possible.

Our experienced engineers can help you select the optimal motor for your specific application.
Kayser's expertise and advice will ensure you get the best possible solution that efficiently meets your requirements.

Contact us today for catalogs and more information on Kayser's KS motor program.
We look forward to helping you meet your needs and make your projects a success.

PM Synchronmotor synchronous motor Kayser Electric


Household Devices


Climate Control

Heating Control


Electrical Valves

Medical Devices


Low Cost

Easy Control

Low noise


Long Life

Low Wear


Voltages from 24 VAC to 230 VAC

Sizes from Ø15 to Ø60 mm






Insulation Class

Protection Class

Isolation System


External Controller

We can do more.

Take a look at our product categories.

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