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Servomotor Servo Drive Kayser Electric

Precise, high-end & powerful -
Servo Motors of the SQ-Line.

Kayser Servo Motors

Kayser Servo Motors offer high-quality, dynamic, reliable and efficient performance that can be used in a variety of applications to provide precise and fast motion control.

The SQ & KSM series are suitable for precision applications due to their characteristics. In addition, the drives are characterized by extremely high power density and long service life.

Another feature of the SQ & KSM line is their excellent dynamics, which means that they can react very quickly to changes in the load and adjust their speed and power accordingly.

This makes them the ideal choice for applications that require precise motion control and dynamical characteristic such as robotics, CNC milling or 3D printing.

Overall servo motors are an excellent choice for any application where precision, performance and reliability are required.

The motors are available in a variety of sizes, voltages, and power ratings, and offer a wide range of connection options, gear types, brakes, encoders, integrated and external controllers, and additional sensors.

You can choose from the following product lines:

  •  SQ line available in 40, 60, 80 and 130 mm flange sizes. Output power from 50 W to 2000 W.

  •  KSM line available in flange sizes 200, 290 and 360 mm. Output power from 10 kW to 100 kW.

Contact us today for catalogs and more information to learn more about Kayser Servo Motors and how we can support you.

Servo Motor Servomotor Servo Drive Kayser Electric



Mechantronic Devices

Industrial Applications

Industrial Robots

CNC Machines

Electrical Devices

Production Tools

Medical Devices


Agricultural & Forestry Equipment



High Dynamics

Fast Response

Quiet Running

Long Life

Low Wear

Highly Efficient

Compact Design


Voltages up to 800 V
Power up to 100 kW

Speed up to 15.000 RPM

Sizes 40 to 360 mm








Insulation Class

Protection Class

Isolation System


Internal Controller

External Controller

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