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Hybride Schrittmotoren

Precision meets performance.
KH steppers - NEMA 8 to 42.

KH Series - Hybrid Steppers

Kayser hybrid steppers are drives for precise positioning tasks with high accuracy. The design allows very small step resolutions with step angles down to 0.45°

The design of these motors combines the advantages of permanent magnet steppers and reluctance steppers. The result is optimum performance and efficiency.
Since commutation is electrical, the motors are also characterized by long life and low wear.
The long service life of Kayser's steppers is a major advantage. Thanks to high-quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques, these motors are extremely robust and durable, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and long service life.

gh torque density allows these motors to move heavy loads safely and efficiently. This ensures reliable performance even under demanding operating conditions.

The precise positioning characteristics of hybrid steppers ensure reliable repeatability of movements and accurate control of start and end positions. This is particularly important in applications where high precision is required, such as automation, CNC machines or 3D printers.

The KH stepper motors are available in NEMA 8 to 52, with flange sizes ranging from 20 x 20 mm to 110 x 110 mm.

Because every project is unique, a variety of options are available including encoders, brakes, special connectors, ball screw shafts and more.

Contact us today for catalogs and more information, to learn more about Kayser Hybrid Stepper Motors and how we can help you meet your needs.

Hybrid Stepper Motor Hybride Schrittmotoren Kayser Electric


Production Devices

CNC Machines

3D Printers


Industrial Robots


Textile Machines

Laboratory Devices

Print Devices


Forestry & Agricultural Devices


Precise Steps

Low Noise

High Holding Torque

Easy Control

Long Life

Compact Size

Low Wear


Torque up to 30 Nm

Step Angle from 0.45° to 1.8°

NEMA 8 - 52

Bipolar Winding

Unipolar Winding







Insulation Class

Protection Class

Isolation System


Internal Controller

External Controller

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