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Kayser Spaltpolmotor Banner Shaded Pole Motor

Reliable, low cost & long life.
The KSP series.


Shaded Pole Motors by Kayser

The KSP Series: Robust, long life & maintenance-free.

Discover the shaded pole motors from Kayser for professionals.
The KSP series is characterized by its reliability in applications with harsh environments, long life and cheap purchasing costs.

The motors are available in a variety of stack sizes and can be round or rectangular.
Stack sizes available are 48 x 48 mm, Ø58 mm, 60 x 60 mm, 61 x 61 mm, 61 x 61.5 mm, 64 x 64 mm. For other dimensions, please contact us.

The motors can be wound for different applications.
In addition, a wide range of modifications are available, such as different insulation classes, shaft designs, gear variants, sensor integrations and other options.

This combination of reliability, economy and flexibility makes Kayser shaded pole drives an excellent choice for your applications.

Our experienced engineers are available to assist you in selecting the right motor for your application.

Contact us today for catalogs and more information to learn more about Kayser's shaded pole motors and how we can help you meet your needs.

Spaltpolmotor Kayser Electric GmbH Shaded Pole Motor


Household Appliances


Climate Devices

Heating Devices


Cooling & Ventilation

Laboratory Devices

Agriculture & Forestry Devices


Auto Start


Wear Free

Long Life


Easy Control


Single Phase

Voltages from 100 to 230 VAC

Max. Power up to 130 W

48 x 48 mm

Ø58 mm

60 x 60 mm

61 x 61 mm

64 x 64 mm







Insulation Class

Protection Class

Isolation System


External Controller

We can do more.

Take a look at our product categories.

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