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Precise, powerful & reliable -
High-End planetary gears.

From bevel to harmonic gears

Discover the variety of available gears at Kayser 

In addition to Kayser's electric motors, you can choose from a wide range of high-quality gearboxes. Whether you are looking for backlash-free gears or individual gear parts.

  • Planetary Gearboxes: The planetary gearbox offers low and high ratios. It is perfect for applications where axial shaft exit, compact design and high efficiency are required. 
    Available in sizes from Ø6mm to Ø115mm. 

  • Harmonic Gearboxes: The harmonic gearbox is space-saving option with the lowest backlash and longest life. It provides efficient power transmission and is particularly suitable for applications where space is limited.


  • Spur Gear: The spur gear is a widely used gear option that offers low shaft backlash and high efficiency. It transmits torque between parallel axes and can be used in a variety of applications 

  • Worm Gear: The worm gear has a high gear ratio and is also ideal when self-locking is required. It provides excellent stability and is suitable for high load applications.


  • Bevel Gear: The bevel gear transmits torque between non-parallel axes. It offers a robust design and provides precise power transmission. The bevel gear is ideal for applications where precise axis alignment is required.

Gear parts and gear matching:

Don't want a gearbox, just a pinion on your motor shaft? Just contact us. 

At the same time, Kayser offers you the option of gear material from sintered materials, injection molded plastics and machined parts.

Depending on the requirements of your application, you can also choose between helical and spur gearing.

Mechatronics Development:

Our experienced team also provides custom mechatronics solutions. We develop innovative mechatronic systems that combine electronic and mechanical components for optimal performance and control. Whether it's integrating sensors, actuators, or controls, we can find the right solution for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our catalogs, high quality gear types, gear components and mechatronic solutions. Our experts are available to help you select the best options for your application.

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