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Discover the BR Series
Dynamic, durable & low noise.

Direct Drives by Kayser

With their high power density, excellent dynamics and long service life, Kayser direct drives offer a reliable and precise solution for demanding applications. Their energy efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements make them the ideal choice for equipment and machinery where maximum performance is required.

Kayser's modular direct drives are specially adapted to the requirements of your application and can replace gears due to their high torques. 

A major advantage of direct drives is that they do not require a separate housing and can be integrated into the application. At the same time, they are wear-free. 

This makes them ideal for applications where precision and force are critical, such as robotics, automation, medical, and many others.

The standard outer diameters of our stators are Ø12 to Ø260 mm. For more details please contact us.

In addition, the drives can be modularly extended with shafts, circuit boards, Hall sensors, junction boxes, gearboxes, sensors and encoders.

We work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible solution for your product requirements.

Contact us today for catalogs and more information about Kayser direct drives and how we can help you meet your needs.

Directantrieb Directdrive torque motor KBRS90



Automation Industry


Medical Devices

Power Tools

Locking Systems

Household Appliances

Measuring Devices


Climate Control

Heating Control

Agriculture & Forestry Devices

Electrical Devices

Air & Ventilation



High Dynamic

Good Control

Smooth Running

Low Noise


Long Life

Wear Free

High Accuracy

Compact Size


Voltages up to 800 V
Power up to 15 kW

Speeds up to 50.000 RPM

Sizes from Ø12 to Ø260 mm



Insulation Class

Protection Class

Isolation System


Internal Controller

External Controller

We can do more.

Take a look at our product categories.

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