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DC Motor Kayser Electric

Brushes PMDC Motors from Kayser. Available in the high-end KD series, ironless with the KCL seriesand economical with the KC series.

DC Motors from Kayser are powerful, efficient and easy to control. This makes the motors suitable in many applications.

Optionally the motors can be modified and equipped with gearboxes, encoders, sensors, brakes and various other combinations.

Servo Motor Kayser Electric

If high dynamics, maximum precision and high precision are required, the servo motors of the SQ and KSM series offer suitable solutions.
Optionally the motors can be equipped with gearboxes, encoders, sensors and brakes. 

As a result, they offer versatile application possiblities and enable precise control and regulation in demanding applications.

BLDC Motor Kayser Electric

Do you want long service life, very quiet running and extremely high power density?

The brushless motors from Kayser combine these properties to provide you with an optimal solution for your application.

Optionally, the motors can also be equipped with gears, encoders, sensors, controllers and brakes.

Hybrid Stepper Motor Schrittmotoren Kayser Electric

Hybrid steppers allow very accurate positioning and repeatability by design.

At the same time hybrid steppers have a high holding torque and torque density.

Thanks to its commutation the motors achieve really high operational hours and are ideal for applications that need to run with exact positioning.

Optionally the motors can be equipped with gears, encoders, sensors, brakes and other various accessories.

PM Stepper Motor Schrittmotoren Kayser Electric

Permanent magnet stepper motors are an economical alternative to hybrid stepper motors if positioning accuracy is not a priority, allowing step widths of 7.5° to be realized.
Optionally, the motors can also be supplemented with gears, encoders and other modules.

PM Synchronous Motor Synchronmotoren Kayser Electric

Single-phase synchronous motors are economical drive solutions suitable for applications that require a constant speed.

Through the number of poles and source frequency, the speed can be varied.

Optionally, the motors can also be equipped with gears, encoders and other modules.

Induction Motor Capacitor Motor Asynchronous Motor Asynchronmotor Kayser Motor

Induction AC motors of the KAC- line are three-phase and one-phase motors, which are very popular due to the more cheaper purchasing costs, service life and robustness. Asynchronous motors are often used in industrial applications, pumps, ventilation and HVACs.

Optionally, the motors can also be equipped with gearboxes, sensors and other combinations such as brakes.

Shaded Pole Motors Spaltpolmotoren Kayser Electric

Shaded pole motors are single-phase AC motors. They are very cost effective and are often used in household appliances, pumps, ventilation, compressors and various more.

Optionally the motors can be equipped with gearboxes, sensors and accessories.

Universal Motors Universalmotoren Kayser Electric

Universal motors are characterized by their versatile operability with both, direct current and alternating current. They offer an excellent price-performance ratio and run inside high speed operations. The motors are often used in household appliances and tools. Optionally the motors can be equipped wiith gearboxes, sensors, brakes and various other combinations.

Gears Getriebe Kayser Electric

Kayser has the right gearbox for every motor. No matter whether you want to use a planetary gear, a spur gear or a harmonic gear. Most of the time the application determines the needs.

Furthermore gearing parts, such as pinions or worms are also available in our portfolio.

Motorcontrollers Controller Steuerung Kayser Electric

In addition to our motors, Kayser also supplies suitable controllers. We offer integrated and external solutions for BLDC, Servo and Direct drives. In addition we offer interference suppression boards and customized solutions.

Direct Drives Kayser Electric

Direct drives are drive systems in which the motor is directly connected to the load. Thanks to their high efficiency and precision, the drives are often used in applications that require high positioning accuracy and repeatability. At the same time, the drives deliver high power densities and long service lives.

eDYNAMICS  tomorrow begins today

The use of energy-efficient products is exemplary today and a social obligation towards future generations. The environmental initiative of Kayser Electric GmbH is an essential task of the company.

As part of the eDynamics project, appropriate measures have been introduced to continuously promote ecological sustainability and social responsibility.
In addition to complying with statutory environmental regulations and requirements, the selection of suppliers is one of the most important bases for fulfilling our self-imposed maxim.


In addition to the quality requirements of our customers, short transportation routes, the use of renewable energy sources, sustainable production processes and ethical guidelines are decisive.


Raw, auxiliary and operating materials are procured under the aspect of environmental compatibility and recycled in the most resource-friendly way possible. Furthermore, Kayser avoids the use of conflict minerals.

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